LEAVING (2016)

A stack of paper serves as a drawing surface for a self-portrait in ink. Barely completed, leaf after leaf is caught in the wind and flutters away. The smiling face is gradually worn away, leaving emptiness and absence behind. As a counterpoint, she sets a sign of stability by presenting the sheets, rearranged, as an object.

GLÜCKES SCHMIED / Fortunes Smith (2016)

In Asia, paper clothes are intended for the dead and are bought as an offering for their journey through the fire. But what happens if you don’t light the fire? The German proverb „Everyone is their own fortune smith“ stands for the reversal of the perspective on the still living tradition.

LIGHTECHO (Biennale Venezia 2015)

Cristina Ohlmer – FACES 2015 selected
by swatch, switzerland for a residency project at TESA 100
from 12 to 29 october 2015, BIENNALE DI VENEZIA


A woman sweeps the sandy ground on the beach early in the morning, she „discovers“ the golden ground … A metaphor about values that put everyday human endeavors to the test: the succinct occupation of „cleaning and sweeping“ unexpectedly uncovers large areas of precious gold beneath the surface.

TRAUM  / dream (2012)

the delayed ascent of an octocopter. Old fire station Mannheim, July 19, 2012 Live Djs: Mrs. Ebbs + Sonderskooler

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The theme of the animated film is an observed street scene in everyday Chinese life. In the smog and summer heat of Beijing Caochangdi, two boys buy fans to ventilate their rooms and walk down the village street with their belongings.


a project research about the old chinese tradition keeping singing crickets for lovingly mood, sampled 2018 from 2010/2013 stays in Beijing, Shanghai

HAI CHA (2010)

Cristina Ohlmer recreates her impressions of a traditional tea ceremony in the run-up to EXPO 2010 (shanghai) in an artistic setting. Her aim is to treat the unknown but fascinating ritual with respect. The performance aims to understand, explore and offer with a smile the HAI CHA that connects Dongxi, tradition, past and future, cultural wealth …


Sommerende is a more than documentation of the installation SOMMERENDE of the exhibition DAS DONGXI DING in Kunsthaus L6 Freiburg (D), September 2008. With the camera the work in situ and supported by light and projection for a moving calligraphy on the wall can be seen in a very personal way, the music is especially done for the take by Stefan Reisinger.

FLÜGEL  / wings (2008)

Cristina Ohlmer visualizes by her Video performance FLÜGEL-YI (WINGS) a reflection about values and symbols in images and gaps of meanings and codes. She uses her body as a memory screen: Instead of tattooed WINGS image on shoulders of a naked back you can read the description of the image on her back. Reading turns the imagination to the drawing.

TASTE (2008)

In the rhythm of long shaking hairs 3 words emerge: TASTE FEEL BLIND. The morse like code is reveiled bit by bit in between of the stroboskop lightenings giving shape to the performance. The film is about orientation and being lost. There exist 4 films in the COSAR series: PUSH, SPRING, U TURN and TASTE.


Pixels are an essential unit of the digital world, they determine the quality of perception and deliver new impressions free of charge every day. But actually it’s just electronically generated small colorful dots that make our eyes believe that they are alive. Cristina Ohlmer addresses this fact in a performance with “NEW MEDIA film”.  (ppv)


In old times it was possible to escape the fate that brings bad dreams into your life when you draw the fabulous animal BAKU on your pillow or the wall, or you must shout: BAKU CHI, eat the dream up. This is the Shanghai dream. The dream is of Shanghai changing May into June, July into August and heat into rain until autumn comes in September.  (ppv)

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