Cristina Ohlmer: Reports of the brave Artist


report1 of a brave artist

report2 of the old school

report3 of an artist connecting body and mind

report4 of the artist following eye´s language

report5 about beauty and the beast


report7 of hardwarematerial

report8 nulladiessinelinea

report9 about frames, architects, gardeners and models

report10 about ZHONG GUO kitsch and other

report11 about the project brainstorming

report12Momos japonesecurry assault SAPH

report13 about china red and green

report14 about the actors for skytheatre

report15 about the electric,energy, grass&ground

report16 about the secret of the singing shoes

report17 matinale 6mn before 6h

report18 about the right moment right place

report19 about the mobile little victories


report21 a police s story about public security for julian

report22 about the pinloop arte facte

report23 about leaving and loosing

report24 about facing the Shanghai dream

report25 of the brave artist about the true fake

report26 for philippe

report27 of missions, sending and surprises